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Watch this great Video on what you will see when you hire a quality exterminator. Here at Carson City Exterminator, we make sure to follow these steps with exactness. We don’t slack because bugs don’t slack.

Hello everyone. We here at Carson City Exterminators know that it can be a daunting experience to hire pest control specialists to come to your house. There are a couple of reasons for this: First, you may not understand exactly what they will be doing, what pest control chemicals they will be spraying, and where they will be spraying it. On top of this, you might not even know what types of pests they can exterminate, and whether it’s a better option to just try and take care of your bug problem on your own. Second, if you decide to hire a pest control company near Carson City, how do you know which one is best? And third, how do you know that an exterminator will even make a significant improvement to your pest problem. If you have found yourself wondering any of these three things, then keep reading, because I want to answer all these concerns in this blog. 

First things first: What the heck can you expect when the exterminators drive up to your house? Quite simply, I can break it down into four steps. First, they will listen to what types of bugs are giving you a problem. Here at Carson City Exterminator, we specialize in all pest problems people find in the southwest area of the United States. After listening to what’s been infesting your home, we do a thorough walk around of the perimeter of your house. 

The second step is the de-webbing process, wherein we get rid of all the spiderwebs on the premises. This serves two purposes: killing the homes and food trapping sources for spiders, and making your home look cleaner.

Step three is to spray the entire perimeter of your home with our special pest control extermination spray. It is safe to be around your home once it dries. We make sure to spray at least three feet up the outside of your house and at least three feet around the base of your house. This gives you at least a six foot barrier from those pesky pests trying to make it into your home. 

The final step is the granulation process. Granuals are a salt like substance that the pest control specialist will spread around your entire yard by hand. They will make sure to put extra around plants and bushes since the watering of those will wash the granuals away faster. Granulation is a great final defense in the exterminator process since it kills all the bugs that spiders eat, therefore cutting off the chances of them infesting your home all together.

Now I want to answer question two and three that you may be having. Like I mention earlier, we kill all bugs that infest homes in the southwest region of the United States. But here at Carson City Exterminator, we mainly focus on cockroaches, scorpions, and spiders. You can learn more about these specific services by clicking on the links or by navigating through the services tab above.

And as far as whether a exterminator company can make a significant improvement to your pest problems, we can’t say for sure. Doing so would mean that every pest control company around Carson City does everything with exactness and precision as we do here at Carson City Exterminator. What we can say for sure is that we will fix your pest problems, and can give a 100% guarantee. And if for some reason your bug problem persists after we visit your home, you can get a full refund.

Now there you have it. All your questions have been answered. Now the only thing you need to ask yourself is why haven’t you called us yet?

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